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Tseung Kwan O - West Coastal Road


Tseung Kwan O (Junk Bay) 1977 (clickphoto to zoom)


Tseung Kwan O (Junk Bay) 2002
Western Coast Road tunnel portal planned for the lower left corner

(click photo to zoom)

January 2004

SOS update

There is a piece of news about the Tseung Kwan O development in today's newspaper. Although the theme is that there will be no more reclamations at TKO, the West Coastal Road will actually require reclamation of about 800m of natural shorelines just south west of Tiu Keng Leng. This stretch of shoreline has an impressive cliff and beach scenery. (see photo below)

If the road has to be built like this, we should still fight to preserve the shoreline with offshore reclamations.



11 July, 2005

There is no need to reclaim land for a toll plaza - we can save the shoreline.

The Government plans to create reclamation for a 10-lane wide toll plaza and the support buildingssimilar to the one at the Western Harbour Crossing (see photo at left) - But is not necessary:

... with free flow tolling (below) we can protect our shorelines from destroying our beautiful natural shoreline.

July 2003

No unnecessary reclamation for the Western Coast Road

(Photo: Tseung Kwan O facing toward Hong Kong Island. The beautiful natural shoreline behind the far set of highrises is at risk because of the Western Coast Road tunnel portal)

Government has chosen a tunnel option for the Tseung Kwan O West Coastal Road.


Long stretches of the natural shorelines of Tseung Kwan O have already been lost to reclamations. This includes the controversial reclamation in the 1990s at the natural shorelines around the Tit Cham Chau area, which in fact clearly falls within the Clear Water Bay Country Park.

Any remaining natural shoreline at Tseung Kwan O is very precious. The shore near the tunnel portal displays an interesting geological landscape and the vicinity is known for unusual mineral bearing rocks.

We are therefore very concerned with the fate of natural shorelines around the tunnel portal at Tseung Kwan O. We urge Government to minimise any reclamations at this location.

The best approach is to use "free-flow" tolling so no toll plaza is necessary, and retain the natural shoreline and to construct any essential reclamation slightly offshore.

This approach is technically feasible and will create a scenic natural environment around the tunnel entrance. Tai Ho Wan at Lantau Island is a good example of preservation of natural shoreline side by side with infrastructures. Today many people traveling to the airport are delighted to see a haven of natural shorelines alongside the expressway.

Save Our Shorelines SOS